Allatoona Report - Awesome Trip 1-16-2016 (PIC HEAVY)


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Awesome trip on the lake Saturday!

We targeted stripers, hybrids, spotted bass, white bass, and crappie. We ended up with a total of 41 fish!

Here is a short fishing report...

Lake level: 835.84
Surface Temp: 48-52
Clarity: Clear/Stained

Striper/Hybrid: Very Good!
Down-lines, planer boards, & free-lines are working. Down-line small gizzard shad or trout 18-25ft over main lake points from Bethany Bridge to the dam. Use planer boards & free-lines in these same areas.

White Bass: Very Good!
Kellogg Creek & Owl Creek are still holding fish. Long-line 1/16oz jigs 40-50ft behind boat. Troll speed between .6 to 1.0 mph. Jig spoons over points in the creek are also working. Striper Soup has a bunch of Flex-It jigging spoons in assorted colors & sizes and plenty of small & medium gizzard shad too.

Spotted Bass: Very Good!
Jerkbaits & spoons in clear water are working best. Focus on main lake points & pockets in clear to lightly stained water.

Crappie: Good!
The big crappie are starting to bite. Kellogg & Owl Creek is the best place for crappie right now. Long-line 1/16oz jigs 40+ft behind boat trolling .6 to 1.0 mph right down the middle of creek. Use your favorite color and you should boat some good ones.

Hope this helps put a few more fish in the boat.



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joe k

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Excellent report.....

That was about my experience as well on Allatoona on Saturday. Tough conditions with the wind and all but the fish were eager to bite. I caught about 15 hybrid/striper on trout/shiners.

FYI.. for those of you wondering, on Saturday, the lake was very stained from Galt's to the Dam. Water did get clearer as you approached the dam area.

Cletus T.

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Looks cold……also looks like a BLAST!!!

Congrats on all the catches!


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WTG Rick! Nice looking fish. Congrats.


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Thanks guys!
Might get some snow today. Some of my best outings have been in the snow how about you guys?


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There are some monster crappie in Allatoona. I will target some in a few more weeks.

Nice report.

Louie B

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I like how he holds the crappie out so far that they look like they are 2 feet long going from chin to belly.

The man in the picture has been on my boat many times and is extremely hard to photo. He's only approx 6'5 and 270lbs LOL.

Great fish Rick! Great work!



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LOL! The pic below may give better perspective...
Do you want to guess the length of that crappie?

Id say he was 1.5lbs and tasted really good! All jokes aside, now the lake is "normal" for this time of year and the water clarity and temp is good I have been catching some hogs as well.

As for pictures I try to put my elbows out to my sides so my hands and fish are just in front of my torso by an inch or 2. The crappie still look like slabs, and it gives the perspective to tell what it really is.

Or you can just.......weight the dang thang and get it over with. Notice her tail is still on the ground and still weighed 2.24. This was from last year. Failed to catch a 3lber but had a couple dozen up to 2.75.


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