Allatoona Report Past Week (Pic Heavy)

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Surface Temp: 48-51
Clarity: stained/clear
Lake Level: -13ft below pool

Happy New Year everyone!
Allatoona is producing some good catches this past week. The lake was down almost 17ft last week and with the recent rains the lake rose 4 feet. Lake is stained from Illinois Creek north. Clearer water can be found from Bartow Carver ramp to Iron Hill.
I had the privilege of having aboard my boat Vinnie and his two sons Joe & Vinnie Jr. last week and good friend/client Pete this week.

Spotted Bass: Still Strong!
Bigger fish are being caught in the stained water with square bill crankbaits. Anytime the water rises - FISH SHALLOW (2-5ft). Work the Strike King KVD 1.5 crankbait through trees and rocks bumping & ticking everything it can. Drop shots tipped with Big Bite soft plastics are all producing fish on main lake points with brush piles.

Striper/Hybrid: Good!
Early morning fish the mouths of creeks in the 28-35ft depth range with gizzard shad down-lined 20-22ft. Later in the day, move out to the river channel over 45-55ft has been working well for us. I cannot say enough about the live bait that STRIPER SOUP offers. I buy dozens of small gizzard shad from Shawn & Mike every week and they stay alive for days in my tank...and the striper/hybrid love em!

The stripers have been very active this week - Hope you like the screen shots.

Also, if you see me or Louie B on the water please say hello.

I hope 2015 will be your best year yet!



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Thanks for the report. Sounds like you have been having better luck than me with the linesides...
I was skunked again yesterday, fished bartow and galts. Marked fish in both spots, but no takers. The stained water seems to be creeping its way south, is it pushing fish that way too?
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Hey Brian,
Not sure if the stained water is pushing fish south. I've marked a lot of baitfish in clear water as well as stained. Most of my fish have been caught in slightly stained water in the same areas you have been fishing.

the deer slayer 17 - I have not caught any white fish on shiners.
Small gizzards and trout have worked for me.

The first part of next week should be good on Toona.
Hope to see you out there!