Almost another Worth Co blunder...

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Mark K

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Got my license on auto-renew and went to check it just to make sure I had everything in order for tomorrow and NO LICENSE!!

Forgot my card was hacked about 9 months ago and had to get a new one. My new license was sitting in my cart waiting to be checked out with a valid card, lol.
All set now!


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Funny to see this....I just checked mine this AM. Don’t forget harvest record.


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Do u need a printed copy of harvest record?
I've been just toting phone since the beginning and recording on it without a paper copy.
I do same as you until I get to the truck.

The instructions on the app says print one and fill in the number. Open the app and read it.
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Mark K

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If you have it on record prior to getting it to the truck then you’re good. Haven’t carried a printed copy since they came out with this, never even been asked for one. Show them my license on my phone and all good.Carry my signed duck stamp in my wallet and never had an issue either.