Altamaha River 5/6


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Today was my fourth time on the river within a week. I have been doing fairly well on the previous trips, but today's trip really put the word fishing and not catching into the game.

I was on the water at 7 a.m. and crossed the lake to one of my fish catching spots. Ater 15 minutes and not a bite I headed out to the river. I have been catching fish in the river this week. I headed up to the gator slide and tired up and put two lines out. The water here is 14 ft. deep so I dropped one line down by the boat and cast the other out in the current. I have been picking up some good size bream fishing side the boat and picking up cats from the current. Well after 45 minutes not a single bite, I didn't even loose a pink. Time to move, if they aren't biting here they are biting somewhere else. I headed down river.

Next stop turkey tree. I caught a couple of fish here Wednesday. I dropped a line side the boat and cast the other into the current. After 30 minutes, no bite. Time to move.

My next stop was the sturgeon hole. This is one of the deepest places in this part of the river, some places are 20 ft. A sturgeon lives here, I have seen him a number of times. He has come up within a few feet of the boat, looking at me. Wednesday I caught most of my fish here. I dropped both lines down by the boat. After 30 minutes no fish. Time to move on down.

I moved about 50 yards down river and tied off in the current and dropped both lines down by the boat. After 15 minutes no fish, time to pull up and load up.

On my way back to the boat ramp I stopped and talked with two other fishermen and they had the same story, hard, slow fishing. Both fishermen were fishing for cats in river channel.

When I pulled into the lake my friend Flash was bream fishing. I ask if he had the limit yet, he said he had a few and he was picking them up here and there. Now let me tell you this man can catch fish, when you see him fishing a spot and not moving around he is really catching fish in that spot.

Well, this kind of sparked my interest so I put the trolling motor out and got a pole out and put a cricket on. I pulled back up to the bushes I had fished that morning and within 5 minutes had a plate size bream in the boat. I baited up again and within 10 minutes I had another. After 15 minutes of trolling around this area no bites. Time to move on up the lake.

I headed all the way to the back. My first stop the fishing tree, there's no telling how many thousands of fish I have caught around this tree. Time I dropped the cricket in the water, Fish On. To make a long story short after hour and half of fishing this area I had picked up 15 more fish and most were plate size bream, only two were good hand size. I only kept them because they swallowed the hook. Time to load up and go home, I had all I wanted to clean.

After cleaning the fish and putting new line and hooks on my poles I headed to town for gas and crickets. I didn't find any crickets but the truck has a full tank of gas and is ready for 5 trips next week.