Ammo Availability - UPDATES

yeah...I guess your right...I have only heard....from my friend that owns the LGS. He told me he has been checked by Winchester 3 times in the past 6 mo. I have only heard him speak about Winchester doing one else.

Isn't Winchester the one that filed suit against Cheaper Than Dirt?
I was just wondering where you got your information from. Nothing more, nothing less.

As far as Winchester filing suit, IDK, Ive got enough to keep up with to "worry" about what some company entity is doing.
My wife found a box of .38's while cleaning out my Mom's estate yesterday. My Dad bought at Oshman's sporting goods in '93, paid $9.94. She found 1 round of 30-30, figured it was worth 'bout $5 in todays market !!!
While cleaning out my ammo closet I found 15 boxes of Winchester super speed 20 gauge that I bought many years ago at TG&Y when they were closing out their ammo (half price) for $3 a box, same box is $15 now. I bought every Winchester AA 12 gauge shell they had, wife's Cadillac bumper was bout dragging the pavement


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Been finding the powder and putting it in the cart and while I was looking for other powder make the Hazmat fees a bit more palatable it sold out.
I did that at first as well. Never worked out for me. Finally just started checking out as soon as possible.