And now for the rest of the season....


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Good luck getting him. Keep at it and I’m sure it’ll come together.
I’m still looking forward to getting an opportunity with my Dorado. It’ll be accompanying me on every sit this season.
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Thanks y’all! Been taking breaks from packing up the house to shoot out back. It is a terrible idea to buy a new house in the middle of hunting season!
But I will have a gigantic field for a 3D range at the new place :)
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Plans changed suddenly!!!!
After over a year of trying, I finally got a lease signed on a piece of land that I hunted for 5 years previously. I went in after work yesterday for a hunting/scouting mission. Went to a spot I hunted years ago and found a very active scrape line. saw 1 deer in the hour I sat. Hung a camera over the largest scrape I’ve ever seen in my life. Things are looking good. :)
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