And the winner of the muzzleloader is......

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Congrats to special k's son. You are the winner of the 50 cal. CVA. I'll send a pm to your dad and we'll get together on it. Hope you enjoy it.:cheers:


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Way to go!!! Maybe he'll enjoy it!

Thanks for donating such a great prize, Will-Dawg!!!!


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WOW!!! Now that's the way to start out the Prize Giveaway!!!

Congrats to Special K's Son.

That's a Heck'uva donation Will-Dawg.


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congratulations special k's son on the win i'm sure you will have alot of fun hunting with the mzzle loader. and a big thanks to to will-dawg for making it possible.


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just got your PM will-dawg, thanks everyone! he had a trip w/ the church kids this weekend and missed opening day, he's on his way home from Tennessee as i type this, he'll get a big surprise when he gets home tonight!!!

this gun is a blessing! he hunted w/ my muzzle loader this year while i stuck it out w/ my bow.....santa was going to bring him one for christmas i think, but looks like santa come earlier!!!:fine: