Another BIG Lanier bass

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Wow those are some serious catches! I had recently made a post in the forums about bank fishing in gwinnnet county and a gentleman directed me to your thread, and after reading it it seems like I could probably ask my question(s) here. I see you highlighted that theres great spots on both sides of the lake, my buddy and I after doing some research are considering doing a day or 2 trip at the shoal Creek camping spot. If possible, do you know of any decent holes in that area? Or maybe somewhere else? I'd appreciate any help considering I havent fished Lanier in about 15 years and it's a biiig lake.
I know a bunch of spots that are pretty much can't miss. Especially if you go early. I'll be out on Lanier again all next weekend. My one friend had pretty low confidence about going there at first as well but after I showed him what to do and we went to a few places, he's all fired up to go again. I'll send you a PM. By the way, when you get there, stop by Hammond's bait shop and tell them Jeremiah sent you. They'll also take care of you
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Nice job - especially from the bank. You can always find some largemouth shallow and in marinas, but the spots dominate the lake. That double digit bass should be easier to find in smaller more private unpressured ponds. Keep at it. It will happen.
That's what I was thinking! I'll have to keep at it with the Swimbaits in smaller ponds. I've successfully landed plenty of 6, 7 and 8lb bass, but I just can't break that 10. Just got to find one and fool em.


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Nice bass, I like reading your posts, keep at it.