Another Great morning on Lanier!

Lanier Jim

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Out this morning with DJ and Steven - a brothers Batman and Robin Dynamic Duo. Two pretty good fisherman from Florida but now live in Dahlonega. They fish Lanier but wanted to learn more about the offshore bite...and boy did they!

All morning - I concentrated on long points running out to the channel in creeks and on main lake with brush. I had them throwing the FZNH20 and Blue Ghost Jerk Shad early while I worked a whopper plopper hard to get the fish looking up....and boy did it work! Some fish even came up and hit the Plopper.

We were boating 2-4 fish on most every stop with some good ones. As the sun got up, we continued with the same pattern except added the drop shot and I mixed in some main lake humps I'd idle over with the Humminbirds and if I saw the fish, we'd fish around the brush with the jerk shads then ease in to drop.

We were smoking them and when the bite died on the Jerk Shad - we'd ease in on the brush and drop shot. Morning Dawn, Prizm Shad, Morning Dawn, and Sweet Rosey did the damage on the DS.

Ended the morning with 30+ in the boat...well, I stopped counting after 25 and that was at 10am....we kept running the pattern and kept catching them. We had a few dinks...most in the 2# class with a few 3# fish in the mix.

Great fun....two good dudes that can talk trash with the best of them. I'm pretty sure the trash talking started in the parking lot
Awesome morning and off the water at noon - I think these two will start fishing offshore more often. LJ


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Deer Tic

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Good report... I had the same thing going on last week. 2-3 every stop. Then had to cut it short. Trolling batteries were shot out even after a full charge. Was having fun with the new Tour Pro too. What a game changer! New batteries in the works.