Another Lanier Magnum Class Spotted Bass w/pic.

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I've been out a few times over the last week or so and really hadn't caught much more than a gaggle of 1-3lbers spooning the ditches and cranking the rocks but today I popped another good one on a steep rock ledge. I was throwing a shakey head on some sun soaked rocky points and rock ledges when I found this big girl cruising the rocks. Water temps are in the mid to lower 50's and the lake is down a little over 3 feet.

Anvil Head

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Great color on that big girl!
Trash fish ??? You must not eat fish
It has become a long standing argument that "spots....." are trash fish....

and not welcome in our waters here in Georgia.

They have been here since records have been kept, I don't understand it either.

And "No"...... I love Large mouth, small mouth, spotted bass....any bass.

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