Another shote down on Ocmulgee

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Got in a rare afternoon hunt Monday. Man the woods were alive! I hit two coveys of quail walking through a clear cut. The first was about 5 birds, the second had to be 20-25 birds. I bumped something large about 50 yards from the hardwoods right after I bumped the first covey, wind was good, so it must have seen or heard me, I’m guessing a deer. There was almost no breeze, so I could hear everything. Once I made it to the hardwoods it sounded like it was raining. Squirrels were cutting, acorns were falling, and it just felt right. I picked through palmettos for about 100 yards, and started moving down a dry slough. I heard some pigs squealing and making some racket from the clear cut, so I started paralleling the cut down the slough. I made it maybe 30 steps and noticed something at the base of a log. A small pig, then two of them, eating white oak acorns under a very old tree. They were quartered away hard, so I took a few steps, and just watched, waiting for one to turn enough for a head or vital shot. They hopped the log and finally one gave me an almost broadside shot. I hit him a high in the spine, just above the shoulder blade, he dropped and started squeeling, so I walked up and put another shot in the base of his skull. Smoked both shoulders and hams at 275 for about 5 hours, gonna make another batch of Brunswick stew out of the pulled meat. I love keeping the smaller pigs in large cuts, it makes processing super easy. I spent about 30 minutes quartering him up in the woods, and another 30 minutes at home picking hair and dirt and trimming silver skin and junk.

Acorns are falling guys, the weather is starting to cool a little, y’all get out there and throw some rim fires at them.


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