Anti’s At It Again

Pretty ridiculous but let's keep in mind that the anti's are a very small minority. I think we hurt our cause when we lump non-hunters in with anti's and get defensive/combative. Close to 90% of the American public supports hunting as long as you eat what you kill. If we want to keep it that way we need to engage and educate non hunters while representing ourselves and our community well. Sometimes I like hunting the AT just to engage in a little trail side diplomacy. Most people are terribly misinformed, especially about bear, and by the time we're done talking their perception has changed at least a little.
Spot on, Tio. Spot on.

Engage the non-hunters in good conversation, share harvest with them, find common ground with other outdoor groups. A majority of my friends here in Birmingham don't hunt, let alone hunt bears. But thankfully, I've been able to share black bear meat with them and tell them about all the amazing experiences I've had hunting them in the mountains. Now all of them have very positive thoughts towards the activity.

This is also another reason why we have to be really careful how we project ourselves on social media. Not that we have to project something we're not---just try to post in ways that might help shine a good light on hunters.