Any BBQ fans here?

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I love hunting but for me, it is not done if I didn't grill something after. So, I want you to share your cooking experience, too. Wild game grilling and smoking. That's mine from this summer :) Also tell what gear you have. I am thinking to buy a pellet smoker, would be nice to hear any reviews mine.jpg
My buddy has a traeger smoker and it’s awesome. We have cooked everything from brisket to pizza on it. It does a great job.


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You may want to consider running a thread over on the Paymaster's Outdoor Cafe.

They speak lots of BBQ over there.


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I have a Camp Chef DLX pellet smoker, chose it because of some added features that the Traegers do not have. I like it, but it's not gonna put the same amount of smoke into the meat that a traditional stick burner will. However, with the pellet smokers you can also crank the heat up and grill with it. They are great for everyday use, but on the weekends...I'm breaking out the reverse flow stick burner.
Good stuff! Now, go a couple notches up the page to Paymaster's Outdoor Cafe. It's a whole forum for this topic. :cheers:
I have offset Brinkman smoker and only use Oak/Hickory to smoke meat....

Did 3 day walker fund raisers for about 5 yrs (1-2 events per month) and have probably smoked several hundred Butts....Bought them in 50lb cases from Sams.....low temp and slow cook...normally 10hrs smoke time....
...Make my own rub, and sauces.....


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Living in a metro area suburb, I run an electric smoker. Compact and easy. Just keep feeding the wood chips. I use mesquite and hickory. It does a great job. I'd love to have room for a bigger pit, but the wife would not appreciate me taking out a bigger portion of our little yard for it! Besides, with just me, her, and my son, the electric produces plenty. I can spend a day tending the smoker and doing other stuff around the house, and we'll have our dinners for the next two weeks cooked.


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Can't now but the next whole pig cooker I was going to try is the China Box..Research has shown it also to be great...


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1. Good looking whole smoked hog!
2. Really like that rotisserie!
3.I still have to build an old fashioned fire to smoke food ( turkey, pork,venison) Never really considered any of these new-fangled devises. I have tried meat from these and always thought they were a little light on the smoke flavor. IMHO
4. I do understand the city dwellers argument, pro-new-fangled device. But we don’t live in the city. Far from it.