Any fawns dropping yet? Went out . . .

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. .to the neighborhood bordering Chickamauga Battlefield last night with the wife and so some seriously fat does. Can't be long now up here in NW GA. Wondering if some of you "early rutters" are seeing any fawns yet.


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MCG- I did see twin fawns about a week ago around here, but those are the only ones I've seen. Lots of pregant does like you mentioned.

I was driving through the hunting club Sat. with the windows rolled down and heard what sounded like a kid yelling at me.

I stopped and got out and found a fawn stuck in a bush. Apparently when I drove up on him he panicked and got stuck. He was probably not even a couple of days old. He was still very unstable on his feet.

His mom was going nuts running around me in big circles
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Well did you get him loose . .

. . and turn him back to mama?

Haven't seen a single fawn yet Trizey. . . figure we should see 'em soon.

FYI the lot with the old barn where we see a lot of deer sold a few months ago to an old friend of mine. 105K for 5.2 acres. Could hardly believe it.
No, Fried fawn is great

Redneck veal!!!

Just kidding. When I walked up on him to get him out he found a little motivation and wiggled out and stumbled off to mom.

I didn't want to push him being that he was so young. I don't think he was injured.


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Fawn in the oven

If you have xray eyes I am betting you could see one, two or three in here, you know in the carry all packaging, LOL


I saw a couple fawns eating on the side off the road off 985 around the Gainesville area one night about a week ago or so. They were with several other deer, but thats the only two i saw.



Ain't seen none yet, but we really ain't got our camera's in full operation yet........

I'm sure they are hittin' the ground purdy good now though......