Any Hogs or Coyotes Down

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Just wondering how many you killed this week. Post some pictures with game and weapon used.
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I can't wait to get back into the woods next week. Hopefully I'll get something.
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Anyone throw any lead this week at yotes or swine?
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320 lbs shot with 300 blackout. This past Friday around 10pm. Have a few more pics on Big Boy post on the forum.
WOW, did you get them at night or during the day?
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Any fresh kills this week?
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Sorry been busy working a lot of property and have not been hunting, just saw this post....I intend on laying down some hogs this weekend will post pics for sure got another big one coming in almost every night
I'm looking forward to seeing them.


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Got these 2 last nite in a pouring down thunderstorm. One of My driveway monitors started going off around 7:30 . The one about 200yd down 1 of my loggin rds. Shot the little one 1st and most others ran off but the 125 lb boar thought my 260 was just another thunder clap and he caught 130 gr of solid copper in the neck.


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AR15 in 300 AAC, 16" barrel, Handloads of Barnes TacTX 110gr. Perfect heart shot, DRT, dropped 3 steps from where I shot him.
That's awesome and those bullets are really good.