Any idea what leaves this kind of trail?

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I'm from Canada and have only just recently found some private land to hunt on near Wedowee Alabama. Can anyone tell me what would leave this kind of trail? It's all over a small clearing, mostly close to the tree line. I found this all around the clearing while I was setting up my tree stand. Cameras have captured a few bucks and a good number of does, even a porcupine but nothing to write home about. Thanks for the help!

P.S I would post more pics but the site keeps telling me they are all too big...


Could be a squirrel or a rat. The man is from canada and says he seant a porcupine, I reckon he aught to know what one looks like. I wanna see the porcupine too!

Mark K

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Got some buddies that will hit a few islands off a well known Lake after deer season with their bows for armadillos. Said that’s as fun as shooting dove, just bring a few dozen arrows!
@knockbox, Resize your pics to 1000 pixels wide, and they'll post. Takes about a second or two. And I also seriously doubt that you got a pic of a porcupine in Alabama, because there aren't any there. Groundhog maybe?
Looks like squirrel digging, maybe a fox squirrel since it looks like it's in pine straw. Then again it might be a possum on the half shell.