Any ideas?

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My father in law found this in a field wash the other day. It’s heavily oxidized and very heavy for its size, almost like it was made out of lead. It measures 1 5/8” x 1 1/2” x 1/4” thick. I’m stumped as to what it can be. F79AB3B8-87B2-411E-B691-8F836CB20A76.jpeg 0F378D9C-B5DB-453F-A4F9-2F5F6B82D09C.jpeg
I’m guessing it’s not lead judging by the pitting and coloring of the patina as well as the pitting pattern from the rust. Still guessing steel from a farm implement. Could be off anything from a planter to a cotton picker. Also looks like fairly recent wear in the second pic unless your friend tried to clean it up with a wire brush
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Nah he hasn’t cleaned it up any. We were kinda leaning towards an emblem or something off a piece of farm equipment as well. If it is steel, wouldn’t it have rusted instead of oxidized?