Any Rubs yet?

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:confused: Anyone seeing any rubs or scrapes? I'm in Heard Co. and I haven't seen a buck as of yet, so I really don't know what the status is with velvet. When should the bucks start the scrape routine?



We've had "2" 8-pointers killed in Hancock and they were both "slicked out"........

I did see "2" small rubs, but they were small.......Must of been a little "dummy" that had his "hormones" all screwed up....... :bounce: :bounce:


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Yes. We are seeing rubs and scrapes. The scrapes are not breeding scrapes, they are territorial scrapes.


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Yes, we are seeing lots of rubs and a few small scrapes. Several of the rubs we have found are very impressive for this time of the year.



I actually got to witness a six point make a rub opening weekend! Ptetty cool! And nope, no shot!! :banginghe


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I took a ride around the farm yesterday evening and found this one on the edge of the field. It's a small one, but it was fresh...



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I've seen rubs and scrapes in Elbert county. Velvet is off all the bucks I've seen.


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I found a couple of nice rubs the other day as I was making my way to finish work on my stand. Also ran across a fresh scrape. The fresh sign in addition to this cool weather has made me all giddy!
My buddy and I found a very nice rub about 125 yards from my stand opening weekend of bow season. We also noticed several old rubs that he was hitting as well. From this tell/tale sign, I would say there is a very good buck near this stand!! Especially from the size and the fact that this large rub was done so early!!


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we started seing new scapes about two weeks ago and this weekend I found a few very nice rubs on 5" - 6" trees. The big bucks seem to be putting out their signpost now.