Any Thoughts on a GON N.GA camp-out/get together?

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Missed the one last year. Anyone have any thoughts on getting another together?


...just joking, seriously.
I'll be moving my camper from the heat of St Mark's to another spot up tween Cleveland and Blairsville sometime soon...
All ears...


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I'd love to join you, if given enough notice and would need some logistical help,,,,
Lake Tugalo????
Tugalo Lake would be a excellent place. There is a rather large area right at the Ga ramp. Then another large area right out from the ramp that is walking distance via a trail if a boat ride ain't available, that could utilized if needed.
Depends on the dates and the circumstances, but me and H22 will attend. Met some mighty fine folks at the last one and had a dadgum good time and lots of good food. :rockon: