Anybody eat pig fetus?

:) Sometimes you shoot a sow that’s just about to give birth. I’ve never done it, but I’ve been wondering if the fully formed unborn piglets are good to eat?
Ive killed sows at different times. One had seven in her, the other had five. Both were not far from giving birth but I never gave any thought of that. But I don't know why "you" couldn't do it tho.


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Asians and in particular Chinese are very practical when it comes to meat. I wouldn’t be surprised if considered fetal swine to be a delicacy. There are probably some great recipes for fetal pork fried rice.


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A guy I met years ago said you might think I’m a sick man but, got a sow full and buried them in coals. Came back that evening and said you wouldn’t believe how delicious dinner was.
Some guys I know would probably eat pre-born pig meat before they'd eat boar hog meat. They swear they can tell the difference. I just dip it in sauce and take another drink.


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Shot one a month ago that was about there. Processor asked me if I wanted the 5 she had said "Nope, I'm good. Thanks". Said he had some fellers who swore by em.