Anybody else had problems with these Rocky snakeboots?

Never Will Buy Rocky Boots Again!!!!

I'll also NEVER BUY a Rocky boot again. The last two pairs of boots I bought from them BOTH HAD THE SOLES DISINTEGRATE INTO CHUNKS WITHIN 2 YEARS/HUNTING SEASONS. The last pair didn't even last 1 year before the soles FELL APART INTO CHUNKS.

I had thought of having the first pair 'resoled' by a shoe/boot shop because they were very comfortable otherwise, but the shop owner said it couldn't be done because there was no reliable 'base material' left to attach a new sole to.

The LaCrosse rubber boots I have now are going on 4 years without any problems whatsoever and that's all I'll ever buy in the future. Easy to take care of and very comfortable too.


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I thought everyone quit buying Rocky's years ago when they had the problem with the soles falling apart on all their boots? Not to mention they didn't offer a refund.
This^^ I wore rockys when they first were sold around here in the early 70s and they were good boots, somewhere along the line their quality and customer service went away and so did I.


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Rockys are junk, that's pretty obvious with all the comments on here. LaCrosse has been making a good boot for several years now and the "American Made" Danners are good boots.Make sure you get the Made in USA Danners, and they will last you a long time.
I don't wear snake boots, but I wonder if the snake proof Muck is any good. I've hunted out of a pair of muck boots for three years now and hopefully use them again this year.


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Look up Junk and Rocky's is right beside it. I'll buy nothing with Rocky on it. Got a pair of LaCross snake boots over 2 yrs ago no problem at all no leaks any where zipper works good they feel good and best of all I caught them on sale @ Bass Pro. ROCKY=JUNK

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You would think that they would take some pride in their product. It's almost funny that they don't. I have also owned numerous pairs of Rockys and have had issues with all of them. I have never paid full price for a pair and have always bought them on clearance. I guess I got what I paid for.
there is no excuse for anyone wearing Rocky boots anymore. thats rule #1.

learn from the mistakes of others

i dont always wear snake boots, but when i do, i wear Danners.


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I started with Rocky's 30 years ago. There boots are terrible anymore. 99 percent are molded and I cant stand that. Give me some sewn on soles that flex.
yep bought the same pair in feb. zipper got in the cordura material took them back to barnes' in carrollton and they sent them back to rocky for me. rocky wanted to give me a new pair like them but i declined and took store credit.
I just had this happen to mine after wearing them a month. I'll be taking them to the store today.