Anybody know a good small engine repair person around Buford?

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Got a generator that does not want to run, will start and run for a minute on starting fluid, then shuts off. I tried the little things already, need someone who is more knowledgeable.


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Have you talked to Georgia Outdoor Equipment in Oakwood?
I have not used them for service, but have ordered Husqvarna lawn tractor OEM parts from them a few times. I was so pleased with the customer service, I called them again, and I live over in NW Georgia. I would expect the repair shop to be good as well, based on the parts service I received.
Georgia Outdoor Equipment


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look on ebay for a new carburetor, normally under $30. install it , it's easy and your good to go. what kind of generator is it ? dang ethanol gas done got you, after replacing your carb. put nothing in it but ethanol free gas