Anybody know anything about Lanier county

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I have an old friend of mines son and a group of people that are about to buy 2800 acres in lanier county, around the lakeland area, the land has about 6 miles of river front on it. The old man i know is gonna move up on the land to look after it, and i have the invite to come hunt whenever i want, he really had to twist my arm to let me tell ya. Just wondering if anybody hunts around there or knows anything about the area, i know its not a known trophy county, but i do plan to unt up there also to visit my old friend hes 70 yrs old, needs somebody to check in on him.


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I never hunted in Lanier but I driven through there plenty of times if they are interested in starting a club or leasing 500 ac let me know.
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They dont plan on startin a club or leasing the land, they said they didnt want the headaches, im just lucky to know the guy thats gonna live on it and he said i have a free pass to come hunt whenever. I have a lease in Turner county that i trophy hunt on, but will probably meat hunt the lanier place


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Depending on where the property is, and how much rain they get, you might be well advised to bring a boat with you when you hunt. I have seen water standing in people's houses for weeks around the area.

They don't call it "Lakeland" for nothing.

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