Anybody watching golf?

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Dad gum weather delay. Did ya'll here Justin's brother/ caddy say I can't leave him alone for a minuite. :bounce:


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I only play twice a year now in scrambles, but always watch, DJ is so unflappable. DJ & UGA boy. Harris English lapping the field, can't wait to see US Open, they canceled British Open. They kinda like Big 10 ,skeered of China flu
There is no way anybody that dont play or has never tried can appreciate how easy they make something that is so difficult look.
Very true. Don't get to play often but those guys amaze me at the shots they make. Of course they are human and make mistakes too. From driving the ball over three football fields long to holing out a shot out from the sand. So many variables to think about with each shot that make the game challenging. Used to hate it until I played. Now I love playing and watching it.