Anyone else?


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I can't even think about it until it cools down. tryed to sit in a stand and pig hunt a few weeks ago and I was miserable and didn't even want to think about getting a pig home!
Evicting the skeeters from my brow with a bottom lip blow and an aggresive wink. The buck takes one more step, leg forward....draw- settle... THWACK! The buck kicks, spins into the laurel. I hear em stop.... violently crashing, sticks breakin', leaves rustling. Then silence as I examine my arrow placement in the foam & draw my next arrow. This is my game.


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I have venison left from last fall in my freezer and have no desire to shoot a deer. I also have an appointment with my doctor Friday morning for bloodwork so I guess I better have him check me to see what's wrong. I could get excited about a hog or bear hunt.


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Tying up a few loose ends myself, Wish I wasn't a broad-head addict, just had to go and buy some Tiger Sharks. Got enough broad-heads to last a hundred years!
I bought some Tree Sharks and I have been impressed with how well they fly. They’ve got to be tough ole heads with them thick blades. Mine are .050.
Once I got everything tuned and got them to grouping I stopped shooting groups. They’ll mess up some fletchings real quick like. Now I just shoot different dots on my block. I can’t wait to see what kind of blood trails they produce!
I also have the mother-load of arrows coming in (27), so that’ll keep me busy with tinkering for a while.