Anyone ever run bassets?

I believe the “Hunt” was bred out of them years ago. I’ve never seen or heard of one used in the field . I had one for a pet, it got killed by a copperhead in a culvert when it was a pup.


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Ive read articles in mags about them running hares up north.....tally-ho! was the call to them....


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I rabbit hunted with one a long time ago, problem was he could and would follow a trail 3 days old but if you were patient he would get you to the rabbit, eventually.


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Been years since I have seen a working Basset hound. But I remember back in the 90s a guy had one that was a top notch blood trailer.


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There's a series of novels about a French chief of police in a small town in rural France who hunts woodcock and rabbits with his basset, Gigi. He drives a 1954 Land Rover and shoots a Purdey, all left to him by an old hunting companion. The Bruno series by Martin Walker. Gil

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My wife brought home a Basse-doodle. I’m a working/hunting dog person and am not a fan of anything “doodle”. This dog looks like a basset but will chase a 4wheeler all day and has a nose for a dead deer. Awesome tracking dog. I love to hear him howl in his kennel.


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I’ve followed my brother’s basset going as fast as we can run behind her (she’s leashed) for up to a mile or more. We were a lot more tired than she was.
That is amazing, I watched my stepson take his out as a pup and he would have to go back and carry him cause he layed down and wore out lol
I thought Bassett's were rabbit dogs? Bred to be low to the ground to get through brush and such?