Anyone ever try to go a morning without coffee?

One day I gave up coffee (caffeine in general) and that day I could barely function! I had with draws by lunch I had to have a cup of coffee.

Now I drink two large cups of coffee in the morning and I'm good. I have gave up sodas for the most part tho.


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I'd drink a cup while working before I retired.
Just because it was there.

I don't buy/keep on hand at home. I love the smell in the coffee aisle. I probably would try some of that expensive stuff.

My 2nd wife liked to put Irish Cream or Kalaua in hers by the pool in the evenings. She got me drinking it and it was good.
That was 20+ years ago.


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I can go without but I MUST have a coke...It don't even have to be cold...
My wife is the same way , run out of coke and things get nasty around here , I don't touch cokes due to sugar but I'm a big fan of fresh ground coffee , also don't worry about what others on here , if your afford of getting hook on coffee then you may already be wound a little tight .


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Im gonna get another cup and check back later.
A dozen years ago I had a total knee replacement. You know the routine, nothing to eat or drink after bedtime the night before, show up at the hospital about zero dark 45! Wait a while, then get on a rolling bed wearing too little and wait a while more. Watch carefully as they mark which knee to cut on, then don't watch while they do ugly things to parts of my body I wish they wouldn't touch! The finally a little gas in a mask - - and - -

I wake up in a recovery room, it's 2 in the afternoon, I ask for coffee. The nurse must not have understood me, cause she is standing there with a few ice chips on a plastic spoon. I cleared my throat, and spoke more clearly, "May I have a cup of coffee, PLEASE!" Her response failed to include the requested coffee, so I sat up, said, "OK - I'll get it myself." That seemed to upset the young woman, and she screamed (literally screamed) for help. The entire surgery team crowded into the room and I had to shout to be heard. There was some confusion, some argument about not twisting the new knee, and something about anesthesia and coffee not mixing. Apparently, people in hospital recovery room must sample too much of their gas, they couldn't find the coffee. It took a while for my request to filter through their heads. When I turned in the bed and swung my good leg toward the floor - someone began to figure it out.

I got my coffee! Three cups later I even laid back and tried to behave.

Yeah, I once spent an entire morning without coffee! It hurt, real bad. Took me over 6 weeks to be able to walk without a cane! I don't plan on skipping my morning coffee ever again!


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Ah.....the wonderful aromatic enjoyment of opening a fresh can this morning.

Enjoying the addiction on this pleasantly cool morning.