Anyone in here do Hotshot for a living ???


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I’ve thought about it.
Will check back on commits
I knew two different people in Texas that tried running their independent "Hot-Shot" operations in the past. Both of these guys had their own companies and were on the road most of the time and ran themselves ragged with failed promises of loads, unrealistic pick-up and delivery deadlines, unbelievable repair expenses along with super high fuel costs involved, and NO FAMILY TIME AVAILABLE. They both lost their "rear-ends" in this type operation and when they could not make a living, they ceased their operations BUT even then, they were still left with lots of bills that they were responsible for. They both thought that they could make a fantastic living doing this originally BUT the true facts turned out to be a lot different.

Remember the old addage: "IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE" .......then think really hard before you commit yourself as something must not be adding up behind the scenes to make that happen.

Both of these guys "HOT-SHOT" BUSINESS worked mostly in the chemical and oil and gas industry based in the Houston area as that is what they were familiar with. Unfortunately, both of these guys are deceased now.


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I read an article on this about a year ago. Dont know why really but it interested me a good bit.

They basically said in the article things like this....
Dually trucks are cheaper than big trucks.
Ramp trailers are cheaper than refers and lowboy.
Insurance is cheaper on the forementioned.
Regulations are a little more lax.
Pay may or may not be better. But you can be in a position to name your price.

The name your price thing is key. If you can find a product that needs moved and others are not moving are golden. If you are moving cargo trailers and so is 10 other guys, your costs are predetermined.

If it was me? I'd have a niche when it came to cargo if I could.

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I did for 6 years and made a good living at it. But you have to understand it is feast or famine. I had customers that only used my company, 3 trucks, a medium duty truck is the way to go! I shut down in 2010 because the loads just were'nt there. Don't think you can pull campers or cargo trailers and get rich .... you won't. 1 ton trucks are not built for day in and day out pulling. Now you have to run Elogs and that limits you also.