Anyone know what squirrels are feeding on this time of year?

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Has anyone noticed what squirrels are feeding on this time of year? It seems like the only time I see squirrels are when I'm deer hunting or turkey hunting!!


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Buried acorns, mock hickory's, pine cone seeds, corn from feeder.
They're on the insides of the trees making more squirrels. You see more sq. When deer hunting because that is the best part of the year to hunt them. Too bad deer season in GA lasts so long you have to miss it.

Need to start deer season earlier and have some breaks for other kinds of hunting. Lulls between ruts would be good.
I have a Black Gum tree in my yard and about this time of year they start feeding on the seeds and we still have Red Oat acorns left on the ground. We had a bumper crop of Red Oats acorns this year. My understanding is they only produce ever two years. Do you think there will be very few Red Oak acorns next year?
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They are eating the stuff they stored away.
And the post acorn drop has been decent since we have had a warm spell.

The white oaks I see on the ground are just now starting to rot. We still have the big red oak acorns that just dropped. A lot still have the stems attached and show no signs of rot.
Depends on what area of state you are hunting. Piedmont south this time off year is mostly ground feeding. I always look for the pin oaks in creek or swamp bottoms that still have green leaves. They will be still dropping acorns.
Buried nuts, pine cones, and the last of the water oak acorns in areas where there are still some on the ground.