Anyone want some hogs??


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are the bigger ones not going in and only the small ones?
Both big and little. Just not the best trigger setup. Need one those cellular remote activated doors, that would do the trick.


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We're in North Crawford County. Only caught 6 hogs so far, was able to gift all of them. We had to redo the trap mechanism as hogs were not triggering the door. Due to all the activity they seem to have gotten smart and we didn't get any this past weekend with no pictures on trailcam.


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It won't be long until they completely ignore your trap. You might as well move it.

I know some guys that use the traps with the phone activated remote door on a big farm and they have to move the traps after catching a killing a few and start over.

I think it's a never ending quest to kill them all.


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Yes your right, they definitely wise up very quick. They stopped coming for a while now they stated coming back in. Still trying different triggering setups which they are evading. Didn't get any last weekend but there were a few that came into the trap.


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Are they in the fields on the farm?

We have the trap setup in the woods on a food plot close to swamp where they come in from. Guys just sent me pics of them coming into the trap this week but door wasn't set. They will set it tonight and tommrow.


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If yall catch any you don't want, I'll take them. I live in barnesville. I'll feed em out and put em in the freezer. Saves money on my grocery bill. Thanks, Eric

Can't, not suppose to, transport a feral pig !


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Were not trapping now that it's deer season. We've killed two more bow hunting.

Probably won't set traps again until after deer season.


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sure you can
Jester-there are only two ways now to LEGALLY transport feral hogs: 1) Dead
2) Live-Under a permit from DNR to an approved facility

Are you referring to this statement that I made?

The gentleman can do as he pleases...but that doesn't make it right.

I think it was actually from the USDA that the permit came from and from what I understand from @C.Killmaster says it is no longer legal to do that...trapped feral hogs must be killed on the spot
Jester- I was slightly off, the permit is acquired from GA Dept Ag.
I recently attended a hog control conference and this was greatly emphasized by the officials there.
Permit for transport live, permit/license for the approved holding facility. Of course these are Georgia regs.
Anyone wanting to delve into this further:
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Chapter 40-13-15

Describes in exact detail what needs to occur to legally move live feral hogs in Georgia

Tom W.

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I know that in Alabama you cannot transport a live feral hog.


TCU Go Frawgs !
no...I'm suggesting that if the offer was made to shoot the hogs, his phone would be ringing off the hook...

I won't drive 2 hours each way, in a truck that gets 12mpg, for 100 lbs of pork.

I will make that drive to hunt or fish though. If those free hogs were local I'd love to accept his generous offer.

I've driven a diesel dually, pulling a bass boat to Canada to hunt and fish. I would not drive to Canada for a free hog.

I don't get you're point.

95g atl

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Wow. Seems like the man is offering either the meat from trapped hogs OR someone to setup their traps on his land, IE: catching more hogs.

Not sure why the snarky remarks from a few. It's his ball game, if you don't agree, you don't have to go.

I have no less than 9 portable traps at my hunt club, no less than 4 corral traps too. They work. If I didn't have a broken leg and several months of recovery, I'd be interested in setting some up with you.

Good luck!!