Anyone want some hogs??


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So far we've gifted all hogs caught, they were shot before removed from the property.


So let me get this need someone to come and shoot the hogs in the trap.::ke:
Nice offer op wish yall the best of luck

95g atl

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So far we've gifted all hogs caught, they were shot before removed from the property.

Don't let some of these guys bother you with their comments.
What you're offering isn't for everyone, but some will certainly appreciate it.

For me personally, I get plenty of joy catching a hog in a trap and dispatching it. Some won't agree, but that isn't our problem. It is 100% without the current GA law & regs.

What I believe is happening is there are too many folks expect FULL ACCESS to private property to explore, hunt, shoot, etc. IF that's is the case, they probably need to join a hunt club themselves. Or just go back to hunting public land and deal those set of rules and regs. (IE: no traps, no bait, not 24/7/365, etc).

Our club has a piece of property (we have three) which is literally overrun by hogs. We will never allow "access" to the property if you aren't a member. Double edged sword....a believe a lot of folks on here are honest and law following, but it only takes the one or two that would press the issue and either come on the property when they aren't suppose to, bring guests not authorized, shoot something other than a hog, or not follow laws and club rules. Again, I want to believe the great majority will not do this, however, with comments and snarks from various posts throughout this forum, I can't help to strongly suspect one or two would not comply.

Give the guy a break fellas. Nope, the offer isn't for everyone, but i'm sure there are a few on here would appreciate it.

Your mileage may vary.


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I like getting pigs with somebody else's dogs ! I personally don't want my dogs knowing what a pig is !! As far as trapping them...I am for that as well !! far as me wanting a wild pig for eatting .....there is not enough fat on em to make em worth my time !! Everytime I figured.....well a bit of sausage would good....nah ! Always end up having to go buyfat to make it work, then it ain't that good IMO !! I can buy boston butts at the store...gind em, add no fat, only my seasoning and have alot better sausage....most better than store bought ! As far as a wild pig goes...they are rats ya might say !


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Funny story, an owner of a convenience store we used to frequent saw us in camo and asked us about "mountain pigs". Well we shot him one and took it to him, and he wanted more. We weren't selling them, just trying to be nice and help the guy out. Took that joker three good ones once and he said he had to make a phone call. Two chefs in their hibachi outfits pulled up in a dodge durango and threw 600lbs of dead hogs right onto the back on the carpet of that durango. That was the last time we did it. We never knew that was what he was doing with them until that night.