AOC's "A Just Society"

So many people have nothing and want free stuff in today's world.. No work ethic, no drive, no determination to succeed. So they vote for the Dems in hopes of free stuff. Recipe for disaster....


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I can't wait to see the look on AOC's face when a "Just Society" takes her and her squad down.

Such an idiot.......her horse mouth will end her short career in politics....and send her back to tending bars or whatever she is qualified'll have to be something with low intellectual hurdles.
They have one of those in Venezuela now.
And open the borders wide, and abolish prisons. Turn all the dangerous thugs out on the streets and take the guns from the good guys.

She suffers from a severe mental disorder.
This is why "I prefer a dangerous freedom to a peaceful slavery"!!


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Just ... the only thing she knows about Just is that she just wants to divorce her brother to marry another.

What a putz!


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^^This Right Here^^
How many homeless and/or illegal aliens are currently living in HER house with her?
Has she given away HER belongings to the needy?
How many hungry folks is she feeding out of HER own pocket?
Answer - Zero!
Very well stated.
Your idea also applies to others, such as: Rosie O' Donnell, Jane Fonda, George Clooney, DeNiro, other members of the Hollywood 'elite', NBA athletes, NFL athletes, Major news anchors, Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, ex-president Obama, and many more.
However, they all seem to vanish when it comes time to ante up.(y)