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It’s around 37 miles with a fair amount of Topo. I did the 31 miles between Springer Mountain and HW19 in 48 hours and it was too much too soon for my 50 year old knees. With no idea as to your conditioning I can’t tell you how long it should take you. I know if I were to do it again I would limit my mileage to 8 - 10 miles per day and enjoy the trip. Your cardio might be great, but if your joints, ligaments and tendons are not conditioned to doing Thousands of feet of elevation change you will be glad you took it easy. It’s the decsents that will wreek havoc on your knees. You can purchase the guthook app and look at the elevation map to see exactly what you will be facing. The app also shows unofficial tent sites and water sources and has a gps feature that works without cell service and while in airplane mode to conserve the battery. There is a saying on the AT. “The last one to Mt Katahdin wins.” Start slow and enjoy he journey.
Maybe one could hike from Hwy 19 to Hwy 348 and get a general idea. I guess that would be Neel's Gap to Hogpen Gap?

Maybe between Hwy 60 near Suches to Hwy 19.

A shorter hike may give you an example to set a miles per day average.
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I too am 50 and NOT in peak condition but my son and I was thinking about a hike in late march or april . thanks for replys