Archery Xtreme: Harris County Bowhunting Opportunities Available!!!

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Looking for a few members for the 2020-2021 season on this awesome Bow Only Property that produces P&Y and B&C bucks year after year. The reason: QDM for over 30 years and the utilization of the bow as the harvest tool. Bountiful food plots and feeding stations with plenty of minerals. Over 1,000 acres available to our members, this being part of a Co- Op management Property of over 4,700 contiguous acres with more than 400 acres planted in corn, soy beans, sorghrum, winter wheat and other commercial agricultural and farming practices. Good turkey numbers and shotguns ok for turkeys. Members pay $4,000.00 per year. Camping and lodging available with extra stipend. For general questions feel free to send me a PM. For all other inquires please contact Dickie Fogal ("Mudcat") at 706-330-7121 or View attachment 936503 View attachment 930856 View attachment 930857 View attachment 930858 View attachment 930860 View attachment 930861 View attachment 930862 View attachment 930859 View attachment 937124 View attachment 937120
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Hey South Man,

We will likely have openings this season although its a little too early to tell how many we'll have just yet. Im out of town right now but when I get back ill send you a copy of our rules.