Are all front handles on fishin kayaks the same bolt hole pattern?

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sea trout

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Hope y'all are doin great!
So I'm lookin at my sons new kayak and wonderin if all the brands of these fishin kayaks have a universal bolt pattern for the front handles?
Thanks for input!!!!!!!!!


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My handle has a loop of rope that goes through a standard two screw cleat. Is that the pattern you talking about?
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sea trout

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Ruger#3 I know it's a lot to ask and there's no hurry but if you ever had a conveinient moment to take a pic of that and post it I'd love to see it. And maybe know the distance between the bolt holes.
If you don't have an easy chance don't worry about it. My wheels are just churnin on an idea.


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I would bet they just line up the handle and drill a hole. With the web type handle, probably no two kayaks ate exactly the same.
There are probably 10 different handle designs also.