I've killed a few large boars that stunk to high heaven and were just fine. I have friends who have tried eating them from Morgan Co. and said they are HORRIBLE. Luckily for me I've never cooked or eaten one that is rank.

Yrs ago when I started the job I got now there was a guy that done paid hog hunts and we was working around his land and I mentioned something about shooting a hog for meat. After a little while he said I’ll do you a better deal if you’ll come back when you get off. When I went back that afternoon he gave me two paper bags full of already made sausage links. I took a pack out and called a buddy to come eat with me. I was cooking them on the stove and almost had them done when he showed up and he said when he turned in the driveway all he could smell was a hog pen. I guess I was use to the smell while I was cooking them. It I walked out side for a min then went back in and it stunk to High heaven. Needless to say someone wasted some money on them sausage cause all of it went in the trash


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Of the dozens I’ve killed and or quartered up I’ve only came across one rank hog. I didn’t think much of it when I was quartering it. I had it processed into sausage and when we went to cook it it stunk the house up. That was a learning experience for sure


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It’s kinda hard to find processors willing to fool with them. I think one local to me got Brucellosis,or Pseudorabies while processing a hog last year & it about did him in. No more hog processing after that experience. About the only decent tasting part on them are the back straps to me.Makes decent boneless pork chops..and they are easy to get to. Hogs = Apocolypse food to us...I’ll eat one if We start gettin real hungry & all the squirrels,coons,and fish are gone😝

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Yep, 95 percent of the meat i eat is venison or wild hog: i prefer wild hog. Well cared for wild hog meat is much better than commercial pork. The wild meat don't even look like domestic pork.

Since 2000 i've hunted hogs at least one day every week when not working out of state.

IME: Bad tasting wild hog meat is tainted or rotten hog meat. When the temperature is over 80 degrees F one has about four hours to get the meat cooled before it begins to go bad.

i routinely see Okies haul intact hogs around in the 90-100 degree heat. Then they complain about bad meat. i've watched as guys bust the bladder and allow urine to contact the flesh. Ditto for the male hog fluid.

After the wild hog is shot:

1. As soon as possible hang the hog head down , cut it's throat and allow the animal to bleed out. Use a big sharp knife and cut all the blood vessels.

2. The folks i associate with skin the hog before field dressing. If the hog is really dirty we sometimes take it to the car wash before skinning. We cut the head and front feet off before skinning.

Once the preliminary cutting around the back legs, butt and front legs is done we use a big pair of skinning pliers and pull the skin off.

3. When skinning the hog be careful that the outside of the skin don't come in contact with the flesh.

4. From the time it's is hung up i can have a 200 pound hog in the cooler or meat sack in 35-45 minutes. We don't soak the meat in water.

Few processors here will accept a wild hog. Those that do require the hog to be field dressed and skinned.