Are you working?

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Just curious as to how many of you are still going to work everyday like normal? Or are you working from home? Or are you out of work? This is a tough time for a lot of folks. Thankfully we are still carrying on like normal, with precautions of course. If this evolves into an "ain't no cop gonna stop me from working" thread I will remove it.
Working from home.

I have the option of going into the office if I want, but I'm mostly working from home to help my wife with the kids.

We've been taking shifts; I'll log off for a time so she can teleconference and what not.

I've been getting started around 4AM each day so I can knock out a good chunk of time before my little ones wake up.


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I still have my job and I'm charging hours (working from home, PTO) but not full time. I chose to be "non-exempt" rather than salaried as I usually get 20-30 hours a week OT when I'm out off town and don't have to scramble to make 40 when I'm not, like now. We're considered "essential" so if this drags on I should be able to travel and work as soon as things begin to ease. Assuming our clients stay solvent.
Nope, I was put out of work because it involves crowds/audiences. I'm not an employee, I'm freelance, but I actually have a scheduled events that were postponed just like everything else of that nature.

My wife is still working 5 days a week, but I'm not super thrilled about it because it's in the public-Grocery Stores. She visits approximately 5 a day in Sales and Marketing from Douglasville down to Newnan, P'tree City, Fayetteville, Riverdale, Morrow, College Park, East Point, Green Briar, and probably some I missed. That's Kroger, Publix, and Food depots. She might get 30-35 per week in a good week.

Huh, my wife got a letter from the Corporate CPO-"Chief People Officer" stating she is essential. She doesn't stock shelves. She might touch one up now and then with their products, but it's not her job to stock shelves, the Grocery store employees are supposed to.

I thought that "Chief People Officer" was funny. :bounce:

Female, would Love to meet her. facepalm: