arkansas/ozarks deer hunting??

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i had to so some business last week near fayetteville arkansas and i was suprised at the beauty of the land and the number of deer i saw. anyone know anything bout hunting out there. it sure was pretty. there seemed to be a lot of undisturbed, natl. forest-looking land everywhere. just wondering what the quality of deer hunting was like that way.
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I have family in that area and the hunting is a lot like here in Ga. They do good in the northern part of Arkansas,but the bigger bucks come from mid-state in the agricultual areas along the Mississippi River corrider. :cheers:


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It sure is pretty land up there. I used to do a lot of canoeing up there on the Buffalo and Cossatot and others. I have hunted in southern Arkansas around Bradley, and the hunting there was great. To illustrate how long ago that was, we were hunting for free on some private land that got leased out from under us for .50 cents an acre. If I had an opportunity to hunt there I'd be on it.