Arrow Length/Broadhead Clearance Question

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I've always cut my arrows so that the head sits directly over the shelf. However, I've had issues this season with my broadhead (Ramcat) contacting the shelf and riser if I forget to index the head a certain way. I really like this head, so I'm thinking I may need to start cutting my hunting arrows 1.25" longer so that the broadhead is completely in front of the riser and shelf.

I wouldn't mind the little extra weight gain from doing this, but aside from weakening the spine a bit, would there be any disadvantage to using a longer arrow with the broadhead completely in front of the shelf/riser?
There's no downside at all by doing that as long as the spine is acceptable, and that little bit extra probably isn't going to mean a thing. You're probably only adding 8-10 grains tops, which generally won't even change your point of impact.
Take an uncut arrow and come to full draw. Have some one mark the arrow at the front of the shelf. Let down and come to full draw a few times to make sure you are coming to the same mark at full draw. Take this measurement and add one inch to that length. As long as you do not change your draw length for that bow, then your arrow will be the proper length. As Kris87 mentions, check to make sure your arrow spine is acceptable. Good luck.


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I had this exact problem with ramcats. Switched to shwackers, but RCs are nice heads. Just didn't want to have to cut 12 new arrows or worry about the orientation of the head.
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Thanks for the answers, guys. Jerry at South Shore Archery built my last set of arrows, so I called him about ordering new ones. He seconded what you said, Kris. Actually, ended up being a good thing since according to Easton's chart and the OnTarget7 software I was already on the edge of a 400 and a 330 spine. The extra 1.75" pushed me over to the heavier 330, and picked me up another 44 grains. It also allows me to shoot a 100 grain or 125 grain head without a significant impact on spine (0.012). The 125 grain will actually put me within .002 of optimal spine for by setup.

Finished arrow weight with a 100 grain head will be 430 grains, and 455 grains with 125 head. From what I've read, there's only upside to a heavier arrow. Plus, now I don't have to worry about contact issues with my riser/shelf.

However, since I did end up changing the spine and gaining 44 grains, will my bow's tune require any significant adjustments, or will it just be a matter of adjusting my sights?
Some shelves have a hard time accommodating the 1.5 inch 125 grain Ramcat. We always recommend adding an inch if you shoot Ramcats . It's our biggest gripe from people at every show.