Arrow saw with dust collection

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I thought I'd show you guys how I rigged up my arrow saw so it stays clean and greatly reduce the amount of carbon dust that gets into the air.

I bought a standard arrow saw sold at most big box stores like Bass Pro or Cabelas for about $100. (It's been a few years though) I bought a shop vac kit from Lowes for $21, including the bucket. Add a switch and outlet for another $5. I took a hole saw and matched the hose from the shop vac and cut a hole in the side of the guard covering the blade. I used zip ties to secure the hose in place where the hose went into the cover about 1/4". I then mounted everything up on a wall in my shop. I wired up a switch that controlled the two outlets where I plugged in the saw and vacuum. Now when I throw one switch, both units come on and work in tandem. By the amount of black dust on the filter, I'd say it's working pretty well so far.

The upper outlet has a small work light plugged in so I can have enough light to see where I'm cutting.


It's a great idea, and works pretty good too, another buddy down here did the same thing with his. Rigged a little differently but the same outcome. Clean, and you're not breathing all that carbon dust.


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Pretty cool, you mind sharing other pictures of your shop?