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So how is power bait categorized as pertains to DH regs? Was on a NC DH stream earlier in the week and noticed the guy above Me was catching fish after fish. Walked up to see what his hot lure was and found it to be a couple of jars of power bait.
NC DH stream are catch and release and one single hook artifical lure only. In addition you may not be in possession of bait. NC fishing regs define a artifical lure as "An artificial lure is defined as a fishing lure that neither contains nor has been treated with any substance that attracts fish by the sense of taste or smell." He was essentially fishing with bait. Sign Gallery 2018-2019.pdf
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Powerbait is definitely illegal on DH streams.
Heading up tomorrow for a long weekend. Looks like it may be wet.
Several inches of rain possible, 50mph wind gusts, and nighttime lows in the 20s by Sunday night.
Got a cabin rented by the Tuck in Sylvia. Reckon I’ll have to go high if I can find something to fish.
I'm guessing the Tuck will be brown as mud and very high. It's already been raining all day here today. Hit some small creeks in the park or the head of the Tuck.