ask the dems who support gun control

None of Chicago's many social scams have ever worked for the people of Chicago. Until the last Daley mob boss retired, the "democrat" crime syndicate of the Daley's ran the city for the benefit of syndicate insiders and it worked well for them (Obama was one of those insiders). Initially, the anti-gun laws were effective in protecting Daley controlled police from citizens who objected to being mistreated. The gun ban later provided another criminal charge to slap on victims of police assaults who found out, while awaiting trial, that they had an unregistered handgun in their pocket when arrested.

Chicago's gun ban completely failed to address the young black male drug gangs who walk Chicago's Southside armed at all times. The majority of the guns recovered have no history beyond manufacture, decades before recovery from a crime scene. The largest single identifiable source of the illegally carried weapons recovered from gang crimes in Chicago - are police lockups that were raided by criminals in years past or "misplaced" by police - really, true fact!

Now the "new" democrats (mostly social justice warriors and political power grabbers) who run Chicago blame the police for the crimes. It is a macabre fact of life in Chicago that those same police keep rearresting some of the same young black male gang murderers because the political appointee judges arraign them on murder charges then release them to "home confinement." (another Ripley's moment!)