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Got fair with one back in the 70's, then quit. Years ago, watched a documentary of some natives somewhere in the world. Noticed they threw overhand for distant game, and sideways for close running game. Guess sideways would take the overhead arch out of the toss.
One of my former students made a nice one a few years back and got pretty handy with it. There is a man here in Montana ( Belgrade) known as atlatl Bob. Check him out online.
They are legal for deer in PA. Going to a big knap in and atlatl competition next week. Have them but don't practice enough. Now that they are legal for hu ting we are seeing carbon fiber darts. Blah progressive
They have lobbied our state for years to get them approved for use during the archery season , to no avail argument is folks with limited skill and little practice will end up wounding stuff but those serious about the spot should be able to ethically take game but the argument is that many bow hunters don't.... I can see both sides.