Atv on wma roads

If its an open improved WMA road maintained for vehicle access then ATV is allowed. If its a county road then the tag law applies. Driving off of improved roads that are maintained for vehicular access is illegal as is driving on a No Vehicle Access (NVA). Dont worry though cause when you get stopped you will have your day or days in court.
First, where is an atv legal “now” to use except for private land?

Second, what is the purpose of taking, needing or wanting an atv on public land if not legal to leave a maintained road?
Some WMA's during an open hunt. I personally see little reason to use an ATV on a WMA unless maybe your camping and want to leave your truck at camp. I've considered it but it just didn't make sense to me if I could drive my truck.
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The only reason that makes sense to me is older folks who like small game hunting but can't walk the woods like they used to. And if course the laws for firearms in proximity to roads still apply.

So as to my original question and to the legality of riding an atv on a maintained wma road..... There is no reason why it can't be done as long as the wma doesn't expressly forbid atvs (as interpreted by me)