Baited a Rainbow Piebald

man sorta look's like ol flash is in a dead stare down with whatever he was fixin 2 shoot , glad he passed on it though, i dont know how u could've ever explained that one. IS THAT CORN IN FRONT OF THAT STAND ??? HMMMMMMM..........


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Those are great!!!

But, shouldn't ol' Flash be wearing a safety harness? I'd hate to hear that he fell out of the stand and broke a leg or something.

The Snakeman


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That's too funny!!! 'Ole Flash could probably sit enough to deer hunt.
He may need the harness in case he fell asleep and rolled out.
Great pics! Don't forget he has to wear orange now for gun season!:flag:


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Ol` Flash looks dead serious!! Bet he`s good trailin` one after the shot too! :rofl::rofl:

How come he didn`t shoot that speckled panther? :bounce:


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That is TOO funny! I think my favorite is the last one! Very creative!

Can't wait for the next installment!!!


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If Flash can figure out a way to draw that bow I have a feeling someone is going to be in some serious trouble....

Neat shots!!!


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Too funny!
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He thought he'd make the cover of GON, but I told him they hadn't been doing Bassett stories. I just hope he doesn't check the mail before I do when the next issue comes.