Banks deer bank feeder

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Anyone on here use the banks gravity feeder that sits on a 4/4 post ? I think it’s called the feed bank. Thinking about getting one and wanted your input if you are currently using one. Thanks
I have one. Works great if hogs are a problem when it comes to tearing up spin feeders. Last longer to had 5 yrs and still works like new lol
I started mine with corn and rack em up. the rack em up has a smell that they love. believe me coons can get to it, but can't stay up there long. MFDC3734.JPG
I never thought our deer would be eating so much out of them. What was interesting was that the does were more scared of it than the bucks to begin with
yeah, I don't think I have ever saw a doe eat out of mine either.
It takes a month or two but they will eventually get comfortable and start feeding out of them. When we first started with protein, we did a mix or corn and protein and then eventually went to protein only. They’ll go through about 300 pounds of protein in 3-4 weeks now.