Bareshaft/Paper tuning tidbit

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I meant to put this up the other day, while I was fine tuning my setup getting ready for hunting season. I wanted to share with you guys how important it is to turn your nocks on your setup before you start adjusting stuff. Take a look at this picture, and you'll see an obvious pattern.

I shot the same bareshaft 4 times. I simply turned the nock over on two of the shots. As you can see, two bullet holed, and two tore low. If you just started adjusting your bow, without turning your nock to see if your arrow had a predominately stiff side, then you could chase your tail for nothing. This particular arrow is worse than most I have. But if I just shot it like it is, and adjusted for that low tear, then I could possibly be going the wrong way with my tune. So point here, is turn your nocks on your bareshafts when you test them, to see if there's any inconsistencies like I have with this shaft. You may/may not. But at least you'll know what the arrow is doing before you start moving stuff that's not necessary.
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Same with paper tuning. Shoot multiple arrows to see if your tears are consistent. I promise, all arrows don't shoot exactly the same. This one is solid proof of that.


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Thank you for sharing this!! I just finished learning this lesson the very hard way!!