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What I can’t understand is why someone of such superior intelligence became a truck driver instead of a brain surgeon or rocket scientist???

Video game folks like the ones in my house dont give a half a lick if you think batteries are the same lol. Im here to tell you they are not. I'm inclined to think theyre the same, but Duracell has proven it too many times. So many times proven that it's basic scientific law all batteries aren't created equal. Good luck wagging the dog as always
Truck driving has it's positive aspects.

Thinking back, my time driving a truck was better spent than the time I spent as a Systems Analyst with a degree in Computer Science.
If you'da put some Duracell batteries in your computer, it woulda run longer.


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I won't argue that some battery factories probably put different brand labels on the same batteries. But to say all batteries are the same, meaning the same quality?

Go buy some of those cheap batteries on eBay and see how long your flashlight lasts...

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For about 50 years I have been going to a auto salvage yards and buying car batteries most time I can get one for $20. and it will last as long as anything I can buy new. If you know someone there they will get one out of a car with almost no miles on it.


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I bought some AAA batteries at northern tool.Their own brand.They would only last 2 hours in my radio headset. Duracell will last 10. I will stay with my duracell.

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I wear an insulin pump and must replace the AA battery every 10 to 12 days. I use Duracell, energizer, and rayovac mostly and have found they last the same for my purpose. I have used some poor quality foreign batteries and got poor service from them. I've used a German battery, Werner I believe. They were as good or better than any I have used.