battery powered feeders vs trough type feeders


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My opinion start feeding them months before and stay away from them. Next stop putting them in wide open places. I have had them fighting at feeders. My batteries last months and camera send pictures to my phone.
Mature bucks will most certainly use spin feeders. I run 6 Big A feeders from Academy on my 350 acres. I feed 8-9 months/year. Wasn’t long after I started putting them out that deer would hang around waiting for them to go off. Plenty of pictures of mature bucks using them. Most of my pictures are in daylight as I feed just enough to create some competition for the corn and 90pct of the time the corn is cleaned up less than an hour after the feeder fires. The feeders hold 700lbs of corn so do not need to be refilled often at all.
I set my electric feeders to go off at 2:30 in the daytime, therefore it shouldn't scare many deer... I get an occasional mature buck feeding around it. I get more big bucks eating out of my trough feeders.

Juan De

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I use the gravity feeders made by Moultrie. I have had better success with these.
Unfortunately i have bears on my club so any feeder on the ground will get trashed by them. My only option is to put a chain or cable between two trees about 10 feet high and put a spin feeder on it.


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All season feeders makes a solar gravity feeder with a timer cost around 650 dollars. I bought two of there EZ 400 stand and fill feeders. I really like there gravity feeder might buy one before the season starts. If someone can find a dealer close to them your better off no shipping cost.