Bear archery bow


I'm looking to buy my first compound bow don't want to speed a crazy amount of money being I'm just starting to get into I'm looking at the bear cruzer g2 rth package it's $399 don't know much about them iv done some research on them just curious if anyone has any thoughts on them or any other bow suggestions


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There great bows but if I was brand new at it, I would go to a local bow shop and feel them out on the matter. Proper draw length, poundage and so forth. Sometimes these guys have trade in bows that are set up ready to go and will be more than happy to get you pointed in the right direction. Build a relationship with yer local bow shop. Your gonna need what they got to offer if you shoot a bow very long.


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I agree with the above! Also, Diamond makes a model called Infinite Edge which is I believe adjustable from 5-75# and has a huge range of adjustment on draw length. It's a great starter bow and I believe is in your budget. I have had a bear bow for 8 years but is a women's model and I absolutely love it but I got it bare because I like to put my own selection of accessories. You definitely get what you pay for which you will notice when you draw back and release an arrow with different brand bows but even the cheaper bows will do the job with proper set up. Check out The Hunting Public on YouTube and watch their Walmart challenge video. I believe they use a cheap bear bow (forgot the model). That should give you an idea more or less on what to expect! (And they were successful!) lol